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In 2018, Investors Will Look Outside Silicon Valley for the Next Big Startup
Thanks to technology, entrepreneurs no longer need to be on Sand Hill Road to catch an investor's eye.
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In 2018, Get Ready to (Finally) Embrace Virtual and Augmented Reality
Storytelling will always be a strong tool for entrepreneurs-but creativity is key, now more than ever.
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This Trick Will Help You Promote Yourself Without Coming Off as Self-Centered
I've always struggled with self-promotion. Sure, I’ve done plenty of it -- you pretty much can’t work in media without hawking your own work. But I’ve always felt awkward about it. Self-promotion feels a little like begging. I’ve always worried that
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To Succeed in 2018, Ecommerce Entrepreneurs Must Focus on This One Change
For 2018 trends, we asked an expert on what entrepreneurs can expect this coming year in e-commerce.  For merchants and retailers, ecommerce automation has started to become a huge deal, and companies leveraging it have a massive competitive advantag
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Stephen Dubner Talks 'Freakonomics' -- and How He Became an Accidental Entrepreneur
The former scribe has long admired small businesses and the people who run them. And now that he's got a company of his own, he's learning just how tricky it can be.
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How These Franchisees Turned to Overlooked Talent to Grow Their Business
Waxing the City salons are all about making a woman feel like the best version of herself. But for Jane and Jo Haubrich, the owners of two franchise locations in Minnesota, that mission applies to their customers and employees. The sisters grew up in
Entrepreneur4 min readEntrepreneurship
How the Founder of Baked by Melissa Recovered From Her First Holiday Sales Disaster
Melisa Ben-Ishay talks about her first big mistake (during the holiday rush!) and what it taught her about prepping for sales spikes.
Entrepreneur2 min readBusiness Biography & History
How A&W Got Its Soul Back
After a corporate acquisition shook the restaurant chain's identity, Kevin Bazner helped it reconnect with its local roots
Entrepreneur5 min read
Is Sending Out a Press Release Really Worth the Money?
The press release industry generates a lot of money-but it might not hold any value for your business.
Entrepreneur10 min readBusiness Biography & History
This Ax-Throwing Company Plans to Transform From Small Business to National Franchise
Jon Charlton might be a hatchet-throwing prodigy. On the helicopter pilot’s second-ever throw, the hatchet swings one perfect rotation, handle over blade and sinks into a target 12 feet away. On his third throw, he hits the bull’s-eye. Thunk! The sou
Entrepreneur2 min readBusiness Biography & History
Seeing is Believing: Step Inside Warby Parker's Headquarters
Get out your reading glasses! The eyewear brand loves books so much, their offices include a library and a secret reading room.
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How a Bike Trip Across New Zealand Helped This Entrepreneur Realize Her Dream
A woman took her 2-year-old son on a five-month biking journey and learned valuable lessons to start a company.
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Holiday Gift Guide: What to Give Your Team Members
Gift-giving can be tricky. We asked six entrepreneurs what they're gifting employees this season.
Entrepreneur3 min readBusiness Biography & History
How a Subscription-Box Founder Is Using Data to Survive -- and Thrive
With Rockets of Awesome, Rachel Blumenthal has built a data-driven supply chain to make her business faster and smarter.
Entrepreneur3 min readSelf-Improvement
3 Secrets to a Sincere Apology
Leaders who apologize for their mistakes are actually perceived as stronger and more inspirational than those who don't acknowledge their mistakes, according to a study.
Entrepreneur3 min read
How the Side Hustler Life Is Redefining 'Work-Life' Balance
It's about more than babies and friends -- work-life balance can also mean finding career fulfillment through a side hustle.
Entrepreneur3 min readTech
Is Your Company a Candidate for Outside Investment?
Taking on investors is one way to grow your business -- but before you seek funding, make sure it's the right path for you.
Entrepreneur12 min readEntrepreneurship
How Venus Williams Is Serving Up Her Entrepreneurial Dreams
Tennis trained her to be a one-woman, hyper-focused, do-it-all-yourself machine. But as she's discovering, entrepreneurship requires more balance.
Entrepreneur14 min readEntrepreneurship
Why Some Small Business Owners Are Turning to Crowdfunding to Save Their Company
In times of crisis, some entrepreneurs are finding that their greatest support system is their customer base.
Entrepreneur3 min readEntrepreneurship
Tim Ferriss, Gary Vaynerchuk and More Share What Will Make Businesses Successful in 2018
If you want to be successful, you've got to be thinking ahead, especially when it comes to business. From technology to finance, industries are constantly changing, so being aware and understanding what the future holds can help your business achieve
Entrepreneur2 min readEntrepreneurship
Why Storytelling Will Continue to Be the Go-To Marketing Strategy in 2018
Creating a compelling vision -- and expressing it well -- is key to capturing your place in the market.
Entrepreneur9 min readSociety
The Service Industry: Why Veterans Are Flocking to the Franchise World
It has to do with focus, structure, camaraderie and a hard-earned ability to thrive within complex operations.
Entrepreneur1 min read
The Top 150 Franchises for Veterans
To celebrate Veterans Day, check out the franchises ready to serve those who've served their country.
Entrepreneur3 min readEntrepreneurship
How to Take the Right Risks
I have this job because I took a risk in 2007. I was a small-town newspaper reporter in Massachusetts then, writing about minor crimes and mayoral races, and the road ahead depressed me. That gig would only lead to a similar one at a slightly larger
Entrepreneur6 min read
Richard Branson on the Importance of Taking Meaningful Risks
According to the billionaire, it is important to ask yourself, 'What can I do to make a real difference?'
Entrepreneur5 min readSociety
Why Microsoft, Chase and Others Are Hiring More People With Autism
It's good for business, they say: Adding 'neurodiversity' means bringing in employees with particularly coveted skills.
Entrepreneur3 min read
Want the Upper Hand? Think Like a Hotel.
Tom Maoli bought his first Lexus dealership in 2011. It wasn’t easy. Lexus usually doesn’t allow people with no experience in the car business to buy in. But he convinced them he could not only learn it fast but do it better.  As Maoli stood inside h
Entrepreneur3 min readPsychology
The Scientifically Proven Ways to Deliver Bad News
No one likes hearing bad news, but you can soften the blow with these research-backed strategies.
Entrepreneur3 min readEntrepreneurship
After Being Told She Wasn't 'Entrepreneurial,' This Woman's Startup Is on Track to Hit $40 Million in Sales This Year
The co-founder of sheet company Brooklinen learned to stay focused, determined and motivated.
Entrepreneur3 min read
6 Ways to Know an Investor Is the Right Fit for Your Company
Finding someone to support your business is about more than facts and figures on a term sheet.
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