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WHAT YOU SAID ABOUT ... WORLD’S GREATEST PLACES TIME’s newest franchise, which debuted in the Sept. 3/Sept. 10 issue, elicited feelings of wanderlust in readers like Roger Desmond of West Hartford, Conn., who said reading it was like “riding a magic
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Russian planes bomb Syrian rebel holdout Russia began bombing Syria’s last rebel-held province, Idlib, on Sept. 4, amid preparations by its Syrian army allies to take back the enclave. President Trump warned the day before that a full-scale attack c
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The True Legends Of John McCain
AS A MIDSHIPMAN at the U.S. Naval Academy in the 1970s, I had my first close-up look at John McCain. I was part of a small group privileged to meet with him when he visited Annapolis. We knew about the Hanoi Hilton, of course—but truth be told, we we
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Democrats Struggle To Stop Brett Kavanaugh
PROVIDING ADVICE AND CONSENT ON SUPREME Court nominations is one of the Senate’s solemn duties. But the start of Judge Brett Kavanaugh’s confirmation hearings on Sept. 4 was more spectacle than substance. At the outset, all 10 Democrats on the Judici
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Murphy Brown Heads Back To Work
ON A STICKY AUGUST NIGHT AT A RESTAURANT near the Kaufman Astoria Studios in Queens, N.Y., the reunited cast, writers and staff of CBS’s Murphy Brown, including Candice Bergen, are gathered for a drink and some food after a taping of the reboot of th
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John Mccain’s Final Act
THE TOWN CARS ARRIVED ONE BY ONE at Washington’s National Cathedral, delivering a procession of political dignitaries that spanned generations and ideological divides. Inside, Presidents, fellow members of Congress and former political rivals gathere
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Creative Minds At Work
Many of television’s most lauded creators and writers are returning this fall with buzzy new shows.
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Our Racist Soul
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Staying Power
Nancy Pelosi stopped caring about what people think of her a long time ago, so she has no qualms about eating ice cream for breakfast with a stranger. Dark chocolate, two scoops, waffle cone. It’s a freezing January morning in Baltimore’s Little Ital
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Emerging Markets Are In Meltdown, But For Once Trump Isn’t To Blame
A CRISIS IS LOOMING in developing economies, or what investors know as emerging markets. An economic crisis in Turkey has pushed inflation to new heights and the value of the lira to new lows. Argentina’s peso is in trouble as President Mauricio Macr
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Learning From A Lion
I came to the Senate in 2013, knowing John McCain the legend but not John McCain the man. But he since became my colleague and chair. We traveled together. He taught me a lot. In my first months on the Senate Armed Services Committee, I unknowingly
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Firsts Women Who Are Changing The World
Beth Ford First openly gay woman to become CEO of a Fortune 500 company When Beth Ford was in her 30s, working in book publishing in New York City, she took a jog by the river with the woman who would become her wife. Ford knew that many face workp
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Washington Takes On The Threat Of Big Tech
ONCE THE FRESH-FACED DARLINGS OF D.C., BIG TECH executives now receive a decidedly cooler reception on Capitol Hill. On Sept. 5, Twitter chief Jack Dorsey and Facebook second-in-command Sheryl Sandberg got a tongue lashing in Senate hearings. “You’re
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Why Is An Archbishop Calling For Pope Francis To Resign?
A SCATHING LETTER ATTACKING POPE Francis over claims that he covered up allegations of sexual abuse by a high-profile American Cardinal has brought into focus a crisis in the Catholic Church. The 11-page text by noted conservative Archbishop Carlo Ma
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Neil Simon
IT REMAINS ONE OF THE TOP MEMORIES OF MY CAREER THAT at my audition for Laughter on the 23rd Floor, I elicited belly laughs from Neil Simon himself. And when I got the phone call from my agent that I was going to be in the original Broadway cast of a
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The Surprising Joy Of Old Age
If life wanted to mess with you, it couldn’t have come up with a better way than death. Especially the lead-up. Your strength flags; your world narrows; much of what once gave you pleasure and satisfaction is now gone. But as it turns out, happiness
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Beth Macy
The best-selling author on dope sickness, the opioid addict next door and holding drug companies accountable
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Violence Flares In A Fractured Libya, Where Chaos Still Reigns
FAMILIES ARE “LIVING IN FEAR” AFTER A week of fighting and indiscriminate shelling in Tripoli, the U.N.’s humanitarian coordinator in Libya said Sept. 2. At least 61 died, 159 were wounded, and some 400 inmates escaped a prison as rival militias batt
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When Great Kids Do Not-so-great Things
TEENAGERS OFTEN DO TERRIBLE things, to themselves and to others; the road to becoming honorable adults is sometimes paved with a few stones of cruelty. In the sweet, smart Netflix-produced romantic comedy Sierra Burgess Is a Loser, Shannon Purser (wh
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Historian Doris Kearns Goodwin Looks To Past Leaders For Lessons On The Present
DORIS KEARNS GOODWIN LIVES SURROUNDED BY American history. Her home in Concord, Mass., is minutes from the site of one of the first battles of the American Revolution. The house itself, cool on a day that broke heat records in nearby Boston, is full
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Placebo’s New Power
What the emergence of the “honest placebo” says about healing in America.
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Greece Enters Post-bailout Era, But Has Little Else To Cheer
AFTER EIGHT YEARS OF AUSTERITY AND European financial support, Greece officially exited its third bailout program on Aug. 20. For the first time since 2010, the country can “stand on its own,” according to the chair of the euro-zone bailout fund. “Th
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Troye Sivan Is A New Kind Of Pop Icon
TROYE SIVAN, GLOBAL POP STAR, SHOWS UP to his photo shoot alone. No manager. No assistant. No glam squad. Just a slight 23-year-old with wide blue eyes, artfully floppy bleached-blond hair and a voice that has captured the hearts of a millions-strong
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The Summer Of The Doc
AH, SUMMER! THE SEASON OF SUPERHERO BLOCKBUSTERS and exhilarating action movies, enterprises that demand little more of us than shutting down some of our brain power and sinking into cushy stadium seats. But the summer of 2018 has put a wrinkle in th
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The Pope’s True Power
“Witch hunts” is what prominent cardinal Óscar Rodríguez Maradiaga of Honduras called the Boston Globe’s and other outlets’ reporting on decades of sexual abuse by Catholic priests in 2002, after the coverage led to accusations of a cover-up. He is n
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In A G-zero World, We Need A Robust U.N. More Than Ever
AFTER THE DEATH on Aug. 18 of former U.N. Secretary-General Kofi Annan, it’s an opportune moment for a closer look at the organization he led. How valuable is today’s U.N. in a G-zero world with a startling lack of global leadership? Is the instituti
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WHAT YOU SAID ABOUT ... PERFECTLY SERENA Sean Gregory’s Aug. 27 cover story about Serena Williams earned high marks close to home: the tennis star’s husband, Reddit co-founder Alexis Ohanian, tweeted that he was “so proud.” Many readers found inspir
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TIME with ...
U.S. Open champion Sloane Stephens is set to defend her title in New York—and defy her critics
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Kofi Annan
KOFI ANNAN’S DEEP WELL OF GRACE, HUFILITY AND CALF energy set him apart. Such was his seemingly boundless vigor and the gravitas he exuded, that his death, at the age of 80 on Aug. 18, shocked all who knew and loved him. A career diplomat originally
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The Danger Of Being The Favorite
OF ALL THE LESSONS GLEANED FROM #MeToo, one stands out as particularly sinister: before things turn treacherous, there’s a moment when predation can feel dangerously like kindness. A young person, not yet aware of his or her power, is made to feel sp
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